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about ME

Sean is a full-service broker representing Buyers, Sellers and investors in and around the Montreal area.

Sean’s goal is to flip the script on traditional real estate brokers and offer an unparalleled level of service to his clients. Sean is able to build a deep sense of trust with his clients and offer a solution that make any real estate transaction as smooth, stress free and fun as possible. Sean Sullivan possesses a true gratitude, respect and love for real estate. When he was only 24 years old, Sean set out to create a positive impact on the Montreal real estate market. With a lifetime of experience working on teams and with people to achieve a common goal, Sean brings a competitive edge for each of his clients and for ever sale, purchase and lease.

Sean knows it’s not just about closing a sale, it’s about making sure the customer is content satisfied with the level of service provided. Trustworthy dedicated and focused, Sean prides himself on building a lifelong friendships with his clients, its safe to say he wants nothing but the best

—Sean Sullivan, Courtier Immobilier Résidentiel | Residential Real Estate Broker